Let's study Japanese in the science city
next to Tokyo

Tsukuba Bunka Gakuen Educational Foundation,
Japan Tsukuba International Language College (TLC) is Japanese language school in Tsukuba, Ibaraki.

"Japan Tsukuba International Language College (TLC) is located in the city with newest science and technology. Tsukuba is called ""Japan's Silicon Valley,"" and located next to Tokyo. It provides convenient and easy access to major cities in the Tokyo area. It only takes 40 minutes to get there by train. Why not consider learning Japnaese culture and gaining knowledge in the city where new things are happening every day?"

Who are we? TLC is a Japanese Language College. Founded in April 2018, TLC was established as the first incorporated Japanese Language school in Ibaraki Prefecture certified by the Japanese Government. We are recognised by the Ministry of Justice for providing high quality education as a Japanese Language education institution. Learning a new language makes you aware of your own language and it will open the door to a whole new world and ways of seeing things. At TLC, we value each individual’s vision and dreams and we certainly hope you will “Enjoy learning the Japanese Language, and fall in love with Japan!” which is also our motto.
Where can you find us? TLC is located in Tsukuba City which is approximately 50 km from Tokyo, access from Akihabara Station (Tokyo) is only 45 mins by the Tsukuba Express line. Blessed with a rich natural environment, lush greenery that changes periodically with the season can be found surrounding the city and the well-known Mount Tsukuba. The city had been developed by the Japanese Government as a “Academic/Research” city and its development has progressed as Tsukuba Science City. Also, National Research Institutions are concentrated here with many researchers from various countries honing their skills utilising world-class science technologies and facilities. The University of Tsukuba is also located within the city, and the renowned institution is home to many international students and scholars from all over the world. In other words, Tsukuba City is an attractive city where diversity is celebrated and people from all faith, ethnicities and backgrounds gather!

Why Tsukuba City?

And why are there so many National Research Institutions here in Tsukuba City? Ideal conditions. The excellent environment plays a big part in constantly attracting new residents to come and live in the city whether it’s for work or study, or simply relocation. Although it is close to Tokyo, the rent for apartments and student dormitories is about half that of Tokyo. Clean air and breathtaking scenery, plus the calm and serene atmosphere makes the city somewhat special. The ground that stretches out from Mount Tsukuba is firm so there is little concern regarding earthquakes, and we certainly do not have to worry about Tsunamis. Agriculture has always been popular, and we are blessed with affordable and delicious food such as locally produced vegetables, fish, fruits and rice just to name a few. The malls offer complete shopping experiences with a wide range of fashion, sports and lifestyle goods along with the latest electronics, excellent dining options and leisure facilities like movie theatres and game arcades. Are you able to envision living the ideal Japanese lifestyle? We highly recommend that you come and experience studying and living in Tsukuba!

Reward System

1.Passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).If a student passes the JLPT N4 and above levels while enrolled at the school,financial incentives and an award certificate will be given according to the level.
○N1:50,000JPY with an Award certificate
○N2:30,000JPY with an Award certificate
○N3:20,000JPY with an Award certificate
○N4:10,000JPY with an Award certificate
2.Reward for Perfect Attendance. If attendance rate is 100%, financial incentives and an award certificate will be given.
○Attendance rate per semester 100%: 10,000JPY/Award certificate
○Attendance rate per semester 95% more: 5,000JPY/Award certificate
3.Elite Universities or Graduate Schools. If students are accepted into universities or graduate schools deemed eligible of financial incentives by the school during their enrollment at the school.
○50,000JPY/Award certificate
※Only Students expected to graduate

Admission Information - For those residing overseas.


You can select either a 2-year or 18-Month course.

Course Enrollment month Application Period Capacity Class Period
2 - Year Course April Intake From August 1 to October 15 60 Students ◎The classes are conducted 5 days/week (4 hours/day) either in the morning or afternoon session.
◎You will be assigned a class based on the placement test result.
・Morning Class (9:15am~12:45pm)
・Afternoon Class (1:35pm~5:05pm)
18 - Month Course October Intake From March 1 to May 10 40 Students
Admission Requirements
① Those who are above the age of 18 and have completed (or are expected to complete) Secondary education or 12 years of formal school education outside of Japan.
② Those who have completed Secondary education or 12 years of formal school education outside Japan that qualifies them for university or other educational institution.
③ Those who are confirmed as having adequate academic standards to take classes at TLC.
④ Those who pass the interview conducted by TLC.
⑤ Those who have studied Japanese for a minimum of 150 hours before applying or, passed the JLPT N5 level.

About the interview

  • SkypeSkype
  • ZoomZoom

Course and Tuition

Course Payment methods Application Fee Entrance Fee Tuition Fees Others Total Free waiver
Course 2 - Year Course (April Intake) First year (Full payment) April to next March 20,000JPY exemption 600,000JPY 45,000JPY 665,000JPY 665,000JPY
First year (Installment) April to September 20,000JPY 50,000 300,000JPY 45,000JPY 415,000JPY 715,000JPY
October to next March - - 300,000JPY - 300,000JPY
Second year April to September - - 300,000JPY 45,000JPY 345,000JPY 645,000JPY
October to next March - - 300,000JPY - 300,000JPY
18 - Month Course (October Intake) First year (Full payment) October to next September 20,000JPY exemption 600,000JPY 45,000JPY 665,000JPY 665,000JPY
First year (Installment) October to next March 20,000JPY 50,000 300,000JPY 45,000JPY 415,000JPY 715,000JPY
April to next september - - 300,000JPY - 300,000JPY
Second year October to next March - - 300,000JPY 22,500JPY 322,500JPY 322,500JPY

※TLC is an educational corporation, we should not pay consumption tax. Additionally, as we are an educational corporation, our tuition fees are 10-15% lower than other schools.
※ Tuition fees can be paid in installments. However, if you pay the full tuition fee for the first year, you will receive a 50,000JPY Admission Fee waiver.

※ Others/ Facility fee, equipment fee, teaching material fees, extra curricular activity fee, health check up fee, visa application fee when coming to Japan, international student insurance fee.

If you would like to apply for a Student Visa, please email info@tlc.ac.jp by the application deadline. Kindly attach your application form, a scanned copy of your original diploma, a scanned copy of the official transcript and the School’s Oath. We will contact you regarding the interview date after checking the required documents.

Teaching Materials

Enrollment Procedure

For next April`s admissionFor October admission

Applicant’s document screening and interview From August (Current academic year) From March
Application Deadline Mid - October (Current academic year) Mid - May
Submission for required documents for Tokyo Immigration By the end of November (Current academic year) By the beginning of June
Issuing Certificate Of Eigibility (COE) The end of February The end of August
Deadline for payment By March 5th By September 5th
Issuing Certificate of Eligibility (COE) After confirming the payment After confirming the payment
Visa Application Around March 10th Around September 10th
Granting of Visa Around March 20th Around September 20th
Arrival in Japan The end of March to the beginning of April The end of September to the beginning of October
What to bring when coming to Japan.
・Passport ・Student Visa ・Airplane ticket ・Medicine ・Seasonal clothes ・Japanese currency

The amount of money you bring with you will vary depending on what kind of accommodation/dormitory you choose to stay in, but it is necessary to bring extra cash (Japanese currency) other than for dormitory fees in order to purchase daily necessities for living.

About The Dormitory

Dormitory Admission fee 25,000JPY Fees for purchasing commodities, Cleaning fees, Deposit for repair expenses, Fire insurance, Real estate brokerage, etc.
Equipment usage rental fee 25,000JPY Refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, folding bed, gas stove etc. Please note that you have to purchase your own bedding/futon set.
Security deposit 35,000JPY Security deposit of 35,000JPY is required. For cleaning fee, and in the event of unpaid dormitory fee, gas and water bills. If there are no issues with the condition of the room after you leave the dormitory, the balance amount will be refunded after the final settlement.
Dormitory fee Single Person Room -
25,000JPY~35,000JPY Monthly.
The dormitory contract is renewed every 6 months. You should pay the dormitory fee/charge every 3 months. The school will assign your room based on nationality and sex.

※ Tsukuba is a comfortable city to live in, with average prices about 10% lower than Tokyo.
※Our dormitory fee is about half the price of renting a studio in Tokyo. We carefully select rooms that are less burdensome for our dormitory.

Admission Information - For those residing in Japan.


Private Lesson 3,000JPY (60 min) You are required to purchase Private Lesson tickets in advance.
Class Lesson / Tuition Fee 50,000JPY per month.
You will be studying with international students who are aiming to enter higher education.
Classes will be conducted 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) in 2 sessions. Either morning class from 9:15am to 12:45pm or afternoon class from 1:35pm to 5:05pm.
※There is a possibility that you may not be able to attend the class due to seat availability/in the event of full capacity.
※You will be assigned a suitable class based on your Japanese Language level/Placement Test results.
Let us hear your requests We will arrange your lesson according to your request and budget. Please feel free to ask us anything.
〇Historical performance

  • Summer short-term special program by Yeonsung University (Korea)
  • Lesson for young children/kids/youth
  • JLPT Preparatory Lesson
  • Pair Lesson
  • Group Lesson
  • Online Lesson
  • Group Lesson / Outside of school, etc.

Application Eligibility

In principle, you must be above 18 years old.

Course and Tuition Fees

We will conduct an initial counseling session to find out more about your study history, desired course, desired admission date etc. We may conduct a level check test if necessary. Also, the courses available may differ depending on you visa status so please contact us by phone or email (info@tlc.ca.jp) for more information.

Regarding refund of payments (Refund Policy)
Please note that tuition fees and dormitory fee are non-refundable.
After the Certificate of Eligibility is issued, only in the following cases listed below, the remaining amount will be refunded after deducting the various fees (screening fee, admission fee,remittance fee,etc.) However, this is only possible if you can submit documents that confirm the return of the admission letter and that the visa was not issued, as well as documents that prove the remittance of the payment (remittance request form, etc.).
①You were not granted/issued a Student Visa from the Japan Embassy.
②You are refused entry to Japan.
③You decide to cancel the School Admission Application without applying for a Student Visa at the Japan Embassy.
Contacting Us by Phone 029-846-7811
School Opening Hours 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
School closed days Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and days specified by the school