Tsukuba Bunka Gakuen Educational Foundation, Japan Tsukuba International Language College (TLC) is Japanese language school in Tsukuba, Ibaraki.
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Living in Japan

Experiencing Japan

You will be continuously amazed by Japan's unique culture
which is a mix of future technology and rich tradition.

45 mins by Tsukuba Express
from Akihabara(Tokyo) to Tsukuba.

In the case of a high-speed bus,
it is about 1 hour downhill and about 1 hour 20 minutes uphill.

route map


Akihabara is an electronic town,
and also a "Mecca for Anime."

Walking through the streets you will find large electronics retail stores, speciality stores,
cafes and shops about anime and comic books.
It is in a location that is close to Tsukuba and convenient to visit.


It is a modern city with large-scale businesses and research facilities located 60 km away from Tokyo.
Transportation to Tokyo is very convenient from Tsukuba where technology and nature are mixed together.

-25mins by bus from Tsuchiura Station
-45mins by train (Tsukuba Express) from Akihabara Station
-50-75mins by express bus from Narita airport
-60mins by direct bus from Ibaraki airport
-65mins by express bus from Tokyo Station
-100mins by express bus from Haneda airport
-100mins by train (JR Joban Line) from Tokyo Station
  • Tsukuba Express, bus etc...The city with excellent accessibility

    Tsukuba Station, the last stop of Tsukuba Express, is surrounded by department stores such as Tsukuba Q't and Mog. Buses to most areas run from the bus terminal right next to the station where you can view the lively and beautiful cityscape with a lot of buildings.

  • The area around Tsukuba Station
    The area around Tsukuba Station
  • The view from the sky
    The view from the sky
  • Let's Cultivate Your Knowledge and Sensitivity in the Environment Surrounded by Science and Nature!

    Out of a population of 232,000 people, 20,000 are scientists and researchers, of which 7,000 people obtained doctorate degrees. Just north of the inner city stands one of Japans famous icons, Mt. Tsukuba, which towers with its majestic nobility

  • Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency
    Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency
  • mt.tsukuba
    Mt. Tsukuba
  • Experience Japanese Traditional Living in Tsukuba

    You can experience the Japanese traditional culture in elegant Japanese-styled buildings.

  • sansuitei
  • sansuitei
  • The History of Prestigious Universities

    There are University of Tsukuba and Tsukuba University of Technology,which are national universities, and there are other private universities such as Tsukuba Gakuin University. It is recommended to enter a university in the city.

  • Tsukuba University
    Tsukuba University
  • Tsukuba Gakuin University
    Tsukuba Gakuin University
  • Town Events That Bring You Joy

    Summer festivals, food festivals where many restaurants compete, and seasonal events such as the celebration of the arrival of spring are held yearly in Tsukuba.

  • Matsuri-tsukuba
    Matsuri Tsukuba
  • Japanese Apricot Festival
    Japanese Apricot Festival
  • A City of Arts

    You can enjoy art at museums and music at concert halls. There are many art enviroments such as TSUKUBA Museum of Art IBARAKI and Tsukuba Public Library. (TSUKUBA EXPO CENTER, TSUKUBA Museum of Art IBARAKI)

  • TSUKUBA Museum of Art IBARAKI
    TSUKUBA Museum of Art IBARAKI
The Same Educational Foundation "Tsukuba International Pet College"
Japan Tsukuba International Language College is affiliated with Tsukuba International Pet College (TIP).
TIP is our sister school which teaches students how to be dog trainers, dog groomers and veterinary nurses. If you are interested in the pets industry after graduation, we will provide support for entering TIP. By entering TIP, it is possible to extend a student visa for 1-2 years.